After Replacing Conservatives at Southwestern, Greenway Leaves

Wokepedia News Article Written by Micah Sample

Adam Greenway, who has served as President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) for approximately three-and-a-half years, has officially resigned from his position. On Thursday, September 22nd of 2022, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary met and accepted his resignation.

Dr. Robert Lopez, a former SWBTS professor who was interviewed in Enemies Within: The Church, had the following to say about Greenway’s actions as President in an interview with Wokepedia Editor Micah Sample:

“I was working at that seminary, to be clear– I was a professor there– and we were assured over and over again that everything was fine, that there wasn’t going to be any major changes– and then in February of 2019, they announced that Adam Greenway comes on board. Very shortly after he was named as the new [President], they fired Charles Patrick, who was one of professors who was also an administrator. They soon fired all of the administrators. One by one, they were all gone: the Dean of Student Life, all the associate Vice Presidents, et cetera… They pulled back the provost. And they replaced all of these people with new people, all of whom had relationships to Southern [Baptist Theological Seminary], maybe with the exception of two or three people. They were people who knew Adam Greenway and Al Mohler because they were all working at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.”

Not only were administrators replaced in quick succession, Dr. Lopez explained, but rumors about potential firings of professors across various departments were spreading like wildfire:  “Between February and about April [of 2019], there were widespread rumors on the campus that they were going to fire a large number of people. They blamed Paige Patterson, who had been removed, saying that he had left a huge financial hole. And because of that, they ‘had to’ trim the faculty. They fired 26 people in one day… It’s a reflection of such un-Christian cruelty, the way that they did it. It was a total disregard for human dignity… Then there was a trickle of people who were fired, and then in the Spring of 2020, then they fired a huge crop of people.”

Dr. Travis Dickinson, a philosophy professor who served at SWBTS, took to Twitter to highlight the fact that there were cuts after Greenway took office. “I hope and pray,” he posted, “that faculty are treated well in this transition. The very worst thing that could happen, in my opinion, is to clean house again the way Greenway’s administration did when he came in as president. By my count, within the first year of Greenway’s presidency, 40 faculty members were cut in two rounds less than a year apart. His administration was still cutting as of this summer, bringing the count up to 46.”

Will McRaney, former researcher and writer for the North American Missions Board and the Southern Baptist Convention, expressed his feelings on the subject: “I am concerned about the 45 professors whose employment[s were] terminated. They may have got little financially and were not given jobs to continue in ministry, while the President is accused of overspending and damaging fellow servants and secured a job with an SBC entity to soften his landing. Those professors may have been making 1/4 to 1/3 the amount of the President[‘s pay].”

Readers who have viewed our film, Enemies Within: The Church, will recall that Greenway petitioned for Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary President Michael Spradlin to refuse to allow EWTC to be shown on his campus. In a Tweet, he pleaded: “It is with deep disappointment but strong conviction that I have sent the following letter to Dr. Michael Spradlin, prayerfully requesting him to reconsider the decision of MABTS to host the premier [sic] of a film whose trailer contains scandalous and scurrilous slander against @SWBTS.” We strongly recommend that our viewers take a look at our Master Notes & Bibliography, which provides primary source documentation for our film, demonstrating that Greenway’s claim that the trailer contains “slander” was false. Greenway opposed the showing of the film due to the appearance of Dr. Lopez, who explained how he was fired from Southwestern because of his Biblical stance on homosexuality as abuse.

Greenway has been offered a position at the International Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. This is another example of what Pastor Cary Gordon dubs the “Socialist Shuffle.” When a Woke individual within the hierarchy is forced out of a position at a Christian institution, that individual is, more often than not, offered a position elsewhere within the sphere of Christian institutions– while someone who is just as sold on Leftism, if not even more so, takes that person’s initial position.[UPDATE: Greenway will no longer be taking a position at the International Missions Board, according to Baptist Press.]

Christians can take heart at the fact that the Lord will not allow the wicked to go unpunished forever, while simultaneously praying for the wicked to repent. In the case of Adam Greenway, it is our desire at Wokepedia that he would see the errors of his ways, publicly apologize, and turn and live rightly before the Lord.