Church of England Encourages Use of Gay Flags in Cathedrals

Church of England asked to ban LGBTQ+ Pride flag from churches

Wokepedia News Written by Pastor Sam Jones

Recently, the Church of England has reached the headlines, as it can’t seem to define what a woman is and it is considering declaring itself homophobic, but there is more to be said on the subject, as they tacitly encourage the display of rainbow flags on their churches. 

Richard Brown, a lay member from Chelmsford Diocese, had asked the Bishop of Bristol, Vivienne Faull:

“Bearing in mind the imagery of the rainbow, as described in Genesis 9, as being the sign that God will never again destroy the world He has created, what steps do the House of Bishops intend to take to discourage the use of the rainbow in any political context being displayed on cathedrals and church buildings?”

In her answer published initially on the Synod notice paper, Bishop Faull had replied: “At present the House of Bishops does not intend to take any steps in this area.” But this was changed in a subsequent notice paper and a fuller answer from Bishop Faull was then published:

“The rainbow is a powerful symbol of hope within the Judeo-Christian tradition. As such, it is used in a number of ‘secular’ contexts: to symbolise support and gratitude for the NHS; to herald the post-apartheid era of the Republic of South Africa as a ‘rainbow nation’; as well as a symbol of support for the gay Pride movement. Given its multivalence, the House of Bishops does not have any plans at present to take steps to discourage the displaying of the rainbow on cathedrals and church buildings.”

Rainbow flags are most well known today as a sign of support for LGBTQ activism, agenda, and actions. The church of England would do well to remember the words of Jesus in Luke 17:32 “Remember Lot’s wife.” God takes even the support of sodomy seriously, as Paul declared that supporters of transgenderist or homosexualist practices have merited death, according to Romans 1.