Is Your Church or Organization Compromised? Tell Us!

Have you experienced Woke infiltration in your local church or Christian organization? Tell us about it here at Wokepedia! We need you to help us stop the spread of the enemies within our churches.

As part of our efforts to combat those enemies within the Church, we want you to submit your own testimonials about Woke preachers, administrators, professors, etc. within your local church or Christian organization! We’re constantly looking to expand our pages and create new profiles so that people all over the country will be able to find out who the enemies within their churches are. We want to do more than just identify the “big names”– we want to make it easy for you to find out which churches are untrustworthy in your hometown. When you submit your report, our researcher(s) will review it and utilize it to further build Wokepedia’s database, to document and preserve the truth about false teachers and their false teachings.

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